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Affordable, Flat Fee Trademark Services From A Licensed Attorney

If you want straightforward, professional, and experienced advice and guidance protecting your brand, and you only want to pay for that instead of big law firm extras, hire Wolfe Legal Services to get you through the process and protect your rights in your business reputation.

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Getting Familiar With Trademark Basics

Getting Familiar With


Getting Familiar With Trademark Basics

An Overview Of Laws Governing Small Businesses

Building a brand is one of the most challenging parts of establishing yourself in the world of business, particularly with the saturation and variety of services offered in the marketplace today. However, even after creating your brand and bolstering it with a name, logo, or other material, it does not mean that you will be safe from infringement or other harmful claims.

Suppose you haven’t had an attorney experienced in trademark matters review your business name or logo, or you don’t have your business name or logo registered as a trademark. In that case, you could be vulnerable to infringement allegations, injunctions, counterfeiters, or other problems down the road. You also may not be taking advantage of all the rights you have in your business identity, reputation, and goodwill.

One of the most important considerations you can make to protect your business and brand is to consult with a trademark registration lawyer as soon as possible in the life of your business. Not only will this help in ensuring your brand remains strong, but it will also protect you from any potentially harmful claims against your business.

While it can be challenging to find an experienced trademark registration and counseling lawyer, luckily, Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C. is available to the residents of Nashville, TN, and well beyond. With service available worldwide, you can rest assured that your business will have the protection it needs to advance and grow regardless of the stage it is currently in.

Affordable, Flat Fee Trademark Services from a Licensed Attorney

If you want straightforward, professional, and experienced advice and guidance protecting your brand without any of the big law firm extras, hire Wolfe Legal Services to get you through the process and protect your rights in your business reputation. Transparency is essential in a relationship between a client and trademark counseling lawyer, so at Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C., we place value on ensuring you know exactly what you pay for.

Since other larger or corporate law firms pass clients and businesses around, it can be increasingly challenging to understand what you are paying for ad why. Regardless of where you are in the world, your business deserves the personal attention and professional service offered by Attorney Steven Wolfe. With straightforward and transparent fees, you can proceed with confidence throughout the trademark counseling process, and deal with any challenges that may arise along the way.

With affordable pricing and flat fees for our trademark registration and counseling services, you can have access to the highest quality of trademark attorney from anywhere in the world at a rate that makes sense for your business. To discuss the details on how to protect your business or brand with personalized trademark registration and counseling services, call our office in Nashville, TN, to schedule a free initial consultation and discover the right option for you.

What To Do Now

Protecting your brand and business, regardless of its stage, is one of the most beneficial a business owner can make. By ensuring your logo, brand name, or any imaging is trademarked, you can stand out from the competition and avoid any possible infringement disputes as you proceed and grow in your market.

Since Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C. offers virtual meetings to serve global clients as well as those in Nashville, TN, Attorney Steven Wolfe has the experience, resources, and service to ensure the best chance at success. However, it is crucial to remember to act proactively as to avoid any issues that may appear in the future.

So, don’t hesitate and contact Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C. today to schedule your free initial consultation!

Don’t Leave Your Business Identity Vulnerable

Don’t Leave Your Business Identity Vulnerable

If you haven’t had an attorney, experienced in trademark matters, review your business name or logo, or you don’t have your business name or logo registered as a trademark, you could be vulnerable to infringement allegations, injunctions, counterfeiters, or other problems down the road. You also may not be taking advantage of all the rights you have in your business identity, reputation and goodwill.
You Need Personalized Legal GuidanceYou Need Personalized Legal Guidance
You Need Personalized Legal GuidanceYou Need an Attorney Who Cares About Protecting Your Brand
Searches – Opinions – Registration – Office Actions – GuidanceSearches – Opinions – Registration – Office Actions – Guidance

How A Trademark Registration and Counseling Attorney Can Help Your Business and Brand!

When you start a business or begin growing a brand, it can be a complex challenge to know where to turn and how to proceed in your brand’s best interest. This is why consulting a Nashville, TN, trademark attorney is a wise step to take as early as possible.

When initially forming a trademark, one of the most crucial steps to ensure is performed correctly is the trademark clearance search. This search will ensure any brand imaging like logos or names are not already owned, which could cause conflict later down the line, costing you a pretty penny.

While it may appear like an extraneous cost from some perspectives, acting proactively to protect your business before dealing with issues like infringement allegations, injunctions, counterfeiters, and other problems can actually save a significant sum in the long run.

However, it is critical to ensure the trademark clearance lawyer you choose to trust your brand with will work in your best interest and play their part in ensuring acting proactively actually pays off. This is why, at Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C., our record of success and model of transparency makes our service an easy choice. Additionally, since clients can meet with their attorney virtually from anywhere around the globe, protecting your brand and business has never been more accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. This firm focuses on guiding clients through the process of applying for and maintaining their trademarks with the USPTO. I do one thing and do it well, so I can keep my prices transparent and affordable. For those reasons, Wolfe Legal Services does not practice litigation and will not institute or represent you in response to Opposition Proceedings from third parties.

Well, I’m glad you asked. Basically, there are three tiers of trademark legal service available to you. The first and lowest tier are these sites that offer to “register” your trademark for you and typically charge around fifty to a hundred bucks. Most of the time, those services don’t search or analyze your trademark for that price. They simply take your information you filled into a form and transfer that into the USPTO’s application. Sometimes it’s AI; sometimes it’s a person in a call or data center cubical across the globe. But, if you know enough to give them the correct information so that your trademark application actually makes it on to the Principal Register, then you almost certainly didn’t need their services in the first place. You could do it yourself and probably have about the same odds. But doing it yourself is not easy, as I explain below.

On the opposite side, you can pay upwards of $500 per hour or more and thousands per trademark prosecution for a big firm to help you register your trademark. In that case, you’re not just paying for a lawyer’s knowledge and help. You’re paying for the rent on a high rise downtown somewhere; you’re paying for partners, office managers, collections departments, Christmas parties, branded coffee cups, giant fancy board room tables, and all sorts of things that don’t make any difference when it comes to getting your trademark done. And, in those big firms, even your few thousands of dollars don’t mean much to them when they’re in the throes of complex, multi-million-dollar litigation.

Or you could hire me. I keep my costs low by doing one thing well. I offer transparent flat fee services that you can see before we even talk and that you pay for before I get started, so I don’t have to worry about collecting. I know what it’s like to run a small business, and that’s why I run my operation this way. I also care about whether you get your trademark. Plus, I almost certainly know more about trademark law than you do, and I’ll be honest with you and guide you through every step of the way. That’s all you need, and that’s all you’ll pay for.

You don’t technically need an attorney, unless you’re not a citizen of the United States. If you’re a U.S. citizen, you do not have to have a law degree or a license to practice law to apply for a trademark on the USPTO’s website. But trademark law is a very complicated and unique area of law, and unless you get incredibly lucky, you’re going to have to study for a long time to understand all the nuanced and complicated laws, regulations and rules. Even then, there’s no certainty that you’ll get your registration. And an Office Action from the USPTO can be intimidating and complex, with citations to statutes and case law that you must refute and/or technical terms of art about application requirements that you’re going to have to comply with. If you don’t do it right, or if the Examining Attorney just doesn’t agree with your arguments for whatever reasons, then all that time you spent learning trademark law and time and money you spent applying for your trademark would have been wasted. I don’t know how much money you think your time is worth, but you’re going to want a trademark lawyer at that point. Why not get one from the start and save the time and money? And why spend more than you have to? I enjoy trademark law. Don’t ask me why; I cannot explain it myself. I can help you, and that’s all I charge you for – my personal help getting you your trademark.

This is the least fun part, but we have to talk about it. I get started once you pay me for the agreed upon services and sign a representation agreement, not a moment sooner. I am able to charge such reasonable and affordable rates, because I don’t waste time chasing clients down for payments after the work’s been done, which takes time and money. For that reason, Wolfe Legal Services works like this:
  • We will agree upon the services you want;
  • We will agree upon the price for those services;
  • Then you will pay me what we agreed upon along with any filing fees and you will sign a representation agreement for the services; and
  • I will perform the services we agreed upon.
If we stop short of filing, I will refund you the filing fees. You don’t have to worry about me not doing what you paid me for. I am bound by ethical and legal requirements in the state of Tennessee, the United States, and the USPTO. I’m not going to throw away my law license and career to scam you out of a few hundred bucks. But I’m also not going to spend my time and money chasing you down in collections and courts.

Well, like any good government bureaucracy, the USPTO doesn’t just give its administrative services away. With most things you file at the USPTO, from applications to appeals, there is some filing fee associated with such.

A list of USPTO fees can be found HERE.
There are several options, and we can discuss those in your consultation or during the representation. It could be a relatively simple cure, or it could be a very complicated and difficult argument. If your trademark has already been refused, it is important that you take action as soon as possible to avoid abandoning your application or receiving a Final Rejection.

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