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Client Testimonials

“Stephen was very informative and kept me up-to-date with all of the projects progression. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends and business associates.”– A Satisfied Client

“I hired Steven Wolfe in 2017 as my Entertainment Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. He has reviewed and made corrections to contracts in a quick and efficient manner and offered me advice when needed.. He always returns calls promptly. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”– lincoln

“I recently hired Steven Wolfe to revise and correct my studio contract and client agreements. Steven was most helpful and very quick to turn around the help I asked for. Steven explained to me the changes he made within my contract and made my new agreement clear and understandable for my clients. My time is valuable, and the quickness and efficiency that Steven worked in was most appreciated. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone needing a lawyer in this area of the law. He was easy to work with, clear and fast.”– Lindsey

“Mr. Wolfe exceeded my expectations by providing extremely helpful information and advice. He was very generous with his time and expertise as I fired off my many questions during the free consultation. An enjoyable and relaxed conversation, he gave me confidence while on the right track in some instances and fine-tuned my thinking for a better legal path in other instances. All I can say is, I respect his expertise and would gladly recommend him to family and friends seeking legal help!”– Terri K.

“I gladly recommend Wolfe Legal Service. My experience with attorney Steven Wolfe was great. He was very helpful, professional and always ready to answer my questions. I’m very pleased with his service.”– Giuliana D.

“Steven has helped the company I work for apply for several trademarks, share those trademarks between multiple stores, and every interaction we have is pleasant and extremely helpful! Very excited to continue working with him.”– Katie R.

“Mr. Wolfe is a truly the real deal. Mr. Wolfe answered my questions in a very professional manner and If anyone needs a good lawyer, you’ve come to the right spot.”– Jackson R.

“Called with a quick and specific question about intellectual property and copyright law and got a very knowledgeable answer. Thanks!”– Jordan C.

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