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Do You Represent Clients In Opposition Proceedings?

No. I am able to charge such reasonable and affordable rates because I am not a big firm with associates and paralegals and parking garages and complicated discovery and legal research software to pay for. You need those things if you’re going to defend against an opposition or oppose someone else’s trademark. So to keep my costs low (and pass those savings on to you), and because I don’t like litigating, Wolfe Legal Services does not litigate cases, either in opposition proceedings or appeals before the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board or in federal district and circuit courts.

However, I will monitor your application throughout the entire process and promptly let you know if your mark is being opposed and advise you on the next steps to take. And after your mark is registered, I can monitor your mark on a semi-annual basis for applications that you may want to initiate opposition proceedings against, if you decide to employ me for such.

Steven Wolfe , Esq.

If you want straightforward, professional, and experienced advice
and guidance protecting your brand, and you only want to pay for that
instead of big law firm extras, hire Wolfe Legal Services to get you
through the process and protect your rights in your business reputation.

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