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What About Those Websites That Are So Cheap And Offer Trademark Registration?

Make sure to read all of the fine print, when these sites say they’ll get you “registration.” Most of those websites are not using licensed U.S. attorneys, or if they are, they’re just taking the information you provide from a form you fill out (which is just as confusing a lot of times as the USPTO application) and entering that into the USPTO application. Some are built on Artificial Intelligence, and they do the same thing – just apply for your mark using the information you entered into a form. There’s no real search or analysis of your mark, and you usually don’t get the personal attention of an experienced trademark lawyer.

If you’re going to use one of these services, you’re truly just as well off doing some minimal research in the Trademark Manual for Examining Procedure and rolling the dice yourself. Maybe you’ll get lucky. But whether you use one of those services or give it a go on your own, the odds are that you’re going to get an Office Action, and you’re going to want some help at that point. If so, I’m here for you.

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