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Trademark Registration & Counseling With Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C.

If you want to protect your name, logo, or slogan from being used by competitors in their marketing, you may be considering trademarking it. Wolfe Legal Services, a trademark registration lawyer in Alabama, can help you with all the steps involved in trademark registration and can also advise you on how to prevent infringement of your new trademark from occurring in the future.

Since becoming licensed as a business and trademark lawyer, Steve Wolfe has gained five years of experience working in law firms and as an in-house counsel. He is now a fully licensed trademark counseling attorney in Tennessee but can represent clients anywhere else in the world! At the United States Patent and Trademark Office, he is a skilled trademark law attorney ready to protect intellectual property without breaking the bank.

Small businesses make up the majority of our clientele. However, big companies are welcome to consult our trademark clearance law firm. For those just starting, attorney Steven Wolfe generally offers more affordable rates. He operates on a low flat fee. Plus, a free initial consultations are complimentary.

Intellectual property law is a far-reaching area of legislation. Whether or not we are aware of it, trademarks play a big part in our everyday lives - from the slogans and logos we see on products to advertising campaigns. Without this legal protection, businesses and individuals would be disadvantaged when promoting their brands or products.

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What Is A Trademark?

Trademark Registration & Counseling With Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C.

A trademark is a symbol, sound, or word that identifies the source or origin of goods or services and distinguishes them from other products and services. A trademark may be a word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, or combination thereof. The trademark must be used in connection with the sale of goods or provision of services for it to have any legal effect. The trademark must also be lawful in that it does not infringe upon the trademark rights and benefits afforded by law to others.

What Is The Process For Registering A Trademark?

The process for trademark registration may sound lengthy on paper, but an experienced trademark clearance lawyer will streamline the process, making it straightforward. This registration process formalizes your ownership rights to the trademark. An outline of the steps for trademark registration includes:

1) Ensure that your trademark does not conflict with an already registered trademark, and note any potential conflicts on the trademark application

2) Prepare an application

3) Determine if the trademark you want to register is available for registration in connection with the goods or services you plan to provide

4) Apply for registration in connection with the goods or services you plan to provide

5) Publish notice of your intent to register the mark, also called "giving notice."

6) Submit your completed application plus any required fees (in the U.S.)

Hiring an IP lawyer is not a requirement to file paperwork, but it is highly recommended. Without legal assistance, you run the risk of making mistakes in the filing process that could leave you vulnerable to infringement. Additionally, incorrect filings may result in being denied outright.

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What Are The Benefits Of Registering A Trademark?

Trademark Registration & Counseling With Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C.

Registering a trademark helps to protect your brand and intellectual property from being exploited by others, as well as establishing rights in the event your mark is infringed on or used without permission. You can find legal representation for trademark registration through Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C., an IP (intellectual property) lawyer in Alabama, US.

We can give you trademark counseling to let you know more about the benefits and risks associated with registering your trademark, which will help you make an informed decision about proceeding with this process for your business or organization.

How Can Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C. Help Me With My Trademark Registration & Counseling Needs?

Wolfe Legal Services P.L.C., located in Alabama, is an IP law firm that can provide you with trademark registration and counseling services to help you gain control over your idea and protect it from others using it or stealing it. We can help file a trademark application for rights across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia-Pacific Rim Countries, Australia, and other countries.

Our trademark registration lawyer will create legal strategies for protecting your intellectual property rights through licensing agreements or getting patents for inventions or copyrights for artistic works. As an intellectual property law firm, we can offer both domestic trademark registration services, as well as international trademark registration services.

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